White Bird 101

Patron FAQ

Arrive with a sprinkle of anticipation! We suggest arriving 15-30 minutes before showtime to find your seat and soak in the pre-performance excitement.

To maintain the integrity of the performances, we cannot guarantee late seating. We believe in creating an atmosphere where every movement and moment can be appreciated without disruption. We encourage you to plan ahead and arrive early so you don't miss a single beat. If you find yourself a bit behind, our friendly ushers will try to guide you to your seat during a suitable pause in the performance.

Dress to impress or express! We love to see the creativity in our audience, so feel free to don your favorite outfit. Whether it's glamorously chic or casually cool, we invite you to be comfortable.

Ah, the dance of applause! Some Patrons let the rhythm of the performance guide them, waiting for the final pose or pause to let their applause explode. Some companies we present feed off of YOUR energy, and enjoy when audiences express their appreciation whenever a jaw-dropping moment sends shivers down your spine. When in doubt, take your cue from other audience members. The power of applause is in your hands!

White Bird has partnered with renowned Portland establishments to offer you a perfect way to enhance your theater experience – tantalize your taste buds and your senses all in one unforgettable evening!

Dolly Olive - Enjoy 10% off your meal on the day of the show. Valid with proof of a ticket to the same-day performance.

To claim your discount, simply show your ticket for the evening's spectacle when you dine with Dolly Olive.

Pastini - Enjoy 20% off your meal for the day of the show AND a week after. Valid with proof of a ticket to your White Bird performance.

To claim your discount, simply show your ticket to White Bird's Performance when you dine with Pastini in Downtown Portland.

Mother's Bistro & Bar - Purchase an entrée at Mother's Bistro & Bar the same day you attend your White Bird performance and enjoy a free dessert with your meal, on the house with your! Patrons must show proof of their ticket to receive the offer.

To be notified of additional discount offers for White Bird patrons, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow White Bird on Facebook and Instagram.

Fear not, we'll help you dance your way in! If your tickets have decided to chassé away, simply call our box office at 503.245.1600 OR inform a White Bird team member at Will Call at least fifteen minutes before the performance. Our ticketing assistant will reprint your tickets so you wont miss the marvelous spectacle ahead.

Prepare for an auditory feast! Our performances are designed to envelop you in a symphony of sound and rhythm. While some moments might reach the crescendo of excitement, rest assured that we keep the volume in tune with the artistry. If you’re nervous about the decibels, free earplugs are provided at every White Bird show. Look out for them at our marketing tables upon entering a venue.

White Bird is encouraging families to attend performances together and has labeled family-friendly performances as 'For All Ages'.

Our 'For All Ages' performances are completely free of objectionable imagery, language, and subject matter. Any show not labeled 'For All Ages' will have one or more of the above that parents of elementary (or younger) age children may find age-inappropriate.

We understand that age-appropriateness is highly subjective, and we encourage parents of young children to check in with us directly at boxoffice@whitebird.org or by calling (503) 245-1600 if they are interested in attending any shows not labeled 'For All Ages'.

Many companies use "fog" to enhance the atmosphere of their performances. This "fog" is a water-based haze, created by heating a mixture of water and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol, a solvent commonly used in oral, intravenous, and topical pharmaceutical preparations, is considered safe and does not impact the dancers' ability to breathe.


White Bird is committed to providing enjoyable experiences to all patrons. If you have any questions that are not addressed on this page, or would like additional information, please contact our Box Office at 503.245.1600. Box Office Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

ADA Access at Each Venue

Visit our Venues page to look for where ADA access points are for your show.

White Bird reserves accessible seating for patrons who use wheelchairs or have other accessibility needs as well as their companion(s). You can purchase accessibility seating by phone, in person, and online. For personal assistance selecting accessible seats or for more information about accessibility, please contact the Director of Patron Services at (503) 245-1600 or email us.

Are you bringing a little one to the show and want to ensure they get to see the dancers on the stage?  Reach out to the White Bird Box Office at boxoffice@whitebird.org [or (503) 245-1600] to request a booster seat for the performance.  Quantities are limited.

White Bird is committed to ensuring a comfortable experience for all attendees, including those with sensory processing disorders. We provide complimentary earplugs at every performance, allowing individuals to adjust their auditory experience as needed. Additionally, we prioritize transparency by prominently displaying warnings about flashing lights or strobe effects on both individual company pages and in pre-show emails.

Health & Safety

Security Screenings at Portland5' Venues

White Bird and Portland5’ will complete security screenings before all performances taking place at P5 venues: Newmark Theatre, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and Keller Auditorium.

Please consider arriving early to allow additional time for this screening.

The following items are not allowed in the theatre:

  • Explosives, including fireworks.

  • Large Knives, over 4 inches in length.

  • Firearms.

  • Conductive Energy Weapons such as stun guns and tasers.

  • Aerosol pepper spray larger than 4 oz.

Thank you for your understanding.

(Updated February 1, 2023)


As of February 1, 2023, masks are NO LONGER REQUIRED for audiences at any White Bird performance, regardless of venue.

We continue to welcome and strongly encourage patrons to wear masks, particularly those who are immunocompromised or unvaccinated.


Proof of vaccination status or negative COVID-19 test results are NOT REQUIRED to attend White Bird performances.

** Our health and safety policies are subject to change based on local, state, or federal guidelines and recommendations. Any policy or schedule change will be communicated in a timely and transparent way. The safety of our audiences, performers, and staff remains our highest priority. We ask that patrons be respectful of one another’s choices. **

Restaurant Partners

White Bird has partnered with local restaurants to offer discounts to patrons for a full evening of enjoyment.

Dolly Olive

Stop by Dolly Olive on the same day as your White Bird performance to receive 10% off. Patrons must show proof of ticket to White Bird performance

Pastini - Downtown Portland

Visit Pastini in Downtown Portland within a week of your White Bird performance to receive 20% off.  Patrons must show proof of ticket to White Bird performance

Mother's Bistro & Bar

Purchase an entrée at Mother's Bistro & Bar the same day you attend your White Bird performance and enjoy a free dessert on the house! Patrons must show proof of their ticket to receive the offer.

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